mercoledì 29 maggio 2013

Maine 2013

Today it' raining. Today we're going to the Mall to walk. It's dry and comfortable. It's a place where all the older folks go to walk when it is raining. There are lots of parking places and therefore perfect. But the best thing about going to the Mall is a restaurant called Red Robin - not the usual hamburger joint even though they have wonderful burghers and never-ending fries and drinks...which by the way, I never get. I buy a huge southwestern mex chicken barbque salad which is a program of all sorts of wonderful fixings - from the lettuce on up to the grilled chicken. They put it on a huge red ceramic plate and decorate it with black beans, taco chips, cilantro and fried jalapena pepper...which I thought was fried zucchini (been living too long in Italy). It is spicey colorful and wonderfully delish. Only problem is that I didn't bring my digital and only have my semi-smart phone. Now you might be wondering what a semi-smart phone's a Nokia normal phone which does everything online and off except make coffee. But on a mini screen and with mini-usb lines etc. The story of the phone is cute if you like to frustrate yourself. Two weeks after I got my little semi-smart phone the Tim, my italian server, put out an offer for a BRAND NEW IPHONE 5 for 2.5 years at 10 euro(12$) a month with 24/7 internet and all the now I'm asking myself if the semi-smart is the phone or if it is me who was in a hurry to buy a phone which works in the STATES...

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